Top 3 High-End Chicago Steaks You Should Know About

Steak is a thick cut slice of meat. It may be beef, fish, or pork, among others. Though beef is the most common, and in most cases it is broiled or even fried, the majority of the time a steak is grilled.

Grilled steak is one of the most popular ways it is eaten when it is being served as a steak and not cut into pieces to be added to another type of dish.  The majority of meat connoisseurs enjoy steak even if it is a little bit expensive compared with other types of meat selections, which may have a lot of bones or not be very tender.

Some of the favorite top high-end steaks you may want to try to follow.

1) The T- Bone Steak

It’s a beef cut which, as the name suggests, has got a T-shaped bone in the steak. It also has got a small piece of tenderloin which does not have a lot of fat and is deliciously tender. This high-end steak is very fast to prepare so if you need to have a steak that is going to be ready quickly than the T-bone steak is one to try. Many people consider it to be one of the best steaks. It can be a little bit expensive because of its high quality. It is commonly cut at the end of the short loin. It is better grilled or broiled because of its protruding bone making it difficult to be cooked using a pan because cooking meat demands clear solid contact. The best method to cook is just by grilling with a proper control of the burner and continuing to monitor to prevent tenderloin overcooking before the strip. It is always important to position the steak in consideration with the source of the fire.

2) Ribeye Steak

Steak cut from the ribs section in cows and also well knows us Rib Eye. It has got a very good flavor. It’s perfect when grilled or broiled. It’s very tender because of its strategic place at the ribs. It has got a thinner portion of fats that melts when grilled increasing the tenderness of the meat. These make it to be a figure licking meal that you don’t want to miss. It is mostly used for superior roasting that is very delicious which can either have a rib small bone or even without.

It is advised to use a pan while cooking and while others propose to coat the steak others decide not because if coated while cooking there is unnecessary smoke that is created and for this reason majority consider seasoning it after cooking. The cooking temperature should be high so as to prevent the escape of the moisture which mostly causes the steak to toughen. It has got a buttery flavor and is very tender when cooked properly. You can get this from one of the best steakhouse in Chicago.

3) Strip Steak

It’s a cut that is just behind the ribs short loin. It is cut in a large portion since it has got muscle sizable and there is a dividing lining of fats. They are usually moderate tender. It has got a very good flavor though not as a ribeye. It is easy to cut, cook or eat since it does not have a lot of fats. It can be broiled pan fried or grilled with ease.

In conclusion, I would like to state that the above three steaks are the 3 top steaks you should know about as they are of quality, very delicious and very fantastic. If you have always wanted a steak that is out of this world I would kindly recommend that you buy this steak and you will never get disappointed. All these steaks have got different characteristics. Some of them are fatty, which adds to the tenderness, while others are lean for those meat lovers who like just the beef.

It is also important to note that despite having the best cut of high-quality steak, it is up to individualized taste to prepare it according to one desired. If you are not a good cook, I would kindly request you get a good chef to do it for you. I would also like to bring it to your attention that meat with a lot of fat is not healthy to eat daily but once in a while it is okay. There is a high level of cholesterol in the animal fat like cows and it’s advisable that if you happen to have a high blood pressure or related disease to try to eat lean meat for the purpose of your health.